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The O&P website and blog, forums, and wiki are where most of my new writing on M/s appears. The IE website will stay online indefinitely to host the IE Essays and lili's writings.

What's New on Enslavement

Updates to the site are now listed on the list of all main page posts. There were no major updates in 2003.

17 July 2002
Test Yourself on IE added.

4 June 2002
"Finding Enslavement" article added to the essays.

10 April 2002
A first version of an "IE Glossary" has been added.

6 April 2002
"The Natural Slave" article added to the essays

30 September 2001
We've brough the enslavement Y!Group back out of hibernation.

19 September 2001
miria hunter "So you want to be a slave?" article added to the essays

5 July 2001
lili's "Ego States" article included in the essays

12 June 2001
The "Coexistence" and "Poly M/s" weblog entries are now on this site, included in the essays

28 May 2001
The site now has a dedicated bookshop, which concentrates more on psychological than BDSM books.

14 Feb 2001
Five point scale of bottoms essay published (versions of this have been around in skeleton form since October 1999, but I've now added explanatory notes.)

5 Feb 2001
As part of the reorganisation of's Perspectives collection, three of Yaldahtvah's essays from 1999 and 2000 are now here and listed in the Essays Section.

29 Jan 2001
Review of Laura Antoniou's "The Marketplace" and Notes on the phrase "Total Power Exchange" published.

26 Jan 2001
The Internal Enslavement section of has been given a new look and moved onto its own website, Enslavement, at

12 October 2000
Psychological Reactance and Techniques added to the Internal Enslavement essays page.

28 August 2000
Internal Enslavement and slave development pages reorganised: Manifesto split into separate essays and more emphasis given to the term "Internal Enslavement" rather than "Internal Slave Development"

4 July 2000
enslavement mailing list started.

3 May 2000
Yaldahtvah's The Healthy Submissive and The Process of Enslavement essays published in the Perspectives section of

23 July 1999
Revised version 0.9 of the Internal Slave Development Manifesto released, with more about Roles.

26 March 1999
Development section of / started. First draft of the Internal Slave Development Manifesto published.

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