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The O&P website and blog, forums, and wiki are where most of my new writing on M/s appears. The IE website will stay online indefinitely to host the IE Essays and lili's writings. lili and I pursued our M/s relationship from 2000 to 2008, and lili has kindly given her permission for these essays and posts to remain here, in the hope that submissives and slaves will continue to be helped and inspired by them.

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lili's weblog

(See also the essays)

10 Feb 08   Bright Shiny Things
i don't believe that there are many things i fetishise, however one of my obsessions (which, if i'm perfectly honest, is actually a fetish) is knives. [more...]
23 Dec 07   Rope bondage and inspiration
It's been a while since i've been excited about Rope Bondage, but thanks to Garth Knight, i'm reminded what i love about it so much. [more...]
2 Dec 07   Sharp pointy things
After what seems like an eternity popi and i have ventured out twice now in less than 4 weeks. [more...]
14 Jul 07   A new twist on poly?
There's been quite a lot of discussion recently about various poly topics, most of which seem to focus on the difficulties experienced by people first coming into a poly relationship (be that from the person already established in the relationship or the person coming in new to an already established relationship.) [more...]
7 May 07   The Great British Pastime?
Yep - moaning. [more...]
8 Apr 07   Photographs
i've been interested in photography for quite some time, and it's a hobby Tanos has supported me in developing. [more...]
24 Mar 07   Pain and pride
Today i sat through the last hour of a tattoo that i now wear with a great deal of pride. In less than 4 weeks i will have been in service to Tanos for 7 years, and the tattoo was done in honour of that. It may not have always been a smooth ride for him or me but i can honestly say it's been the best 7 years of my whole life. [more...]
21 Mar 07   Jungian Archetypes (for Tanos)
Jung hypothesized that humans have a “preconscious psychic disposition” that enables [man] to react in a human manner and that these “potentials for creation” are actualized when they enter consciousness as images(4). However, there is an important distinction to be made between the pre-existent psychic disposition and these images since there are only a few basic archetypes or patterns which exist at the unconscious level, but there is an infinite variety of specific images which point back to them from the conscious mind. Furthermore, since these archetypal patterns are not under conscious control, [more...]

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