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Slave Development

I believe that the attraction to being submissive very often emerges during childhood (reinforced by reading stories about kidnapped princesses or playing tying up games etc) and in many of the slaves we see around us this has continued to grow during adolescence and adulthood, perhaps in relationships, perhaps only through fantasies (including romantic fiction which has a suprising amount of BDSM content.)

For this reason, I prefer to practice what I've started to call "Slave Development" rather than "Slave Training" since I believe the process of deepening slavery in a Master/slave relationship should be seen as a continuation of this lifelong development, and should be done with detailed attention to the internal qualities and nature of the slave.

It should be centered on the reality of the slave's character, and driven by it - although obviously the Master controls the process of the slave's development and nurtures the traits that best serve his purpose. I do not believe slaves can be blank slates to be trained however the Master wishes, since their previous history is always present, and must be taken into account.

Using this approach, external slave training is built on developing appropriate internal states: slaves learn to wait, patient and motionless, when they acquire patience, and in turn this derives from an acceptance that they have been left to wait, and will be required to act only when their Master decides. External slave training is seen as fine tuning of the slave's behaviour to suit the details of her Master's preferences: but the principal changes which occur in the slave are internal.

(The original version of this article appeared as part of the Internal Slave Development Manifesto in March 1999)

Last updated 27 August 2000.

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