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Internal Enslavement bookshop

The Internal Enslavement project began in the spring of 1999 under the name Internal Slave Development, with the intention of combining knowledge of Total Power Exchange relationships, with concepts from mainstream Psychology. Internal Enslavement is now based on three main pillars: the Theory of Psychological Reactance, Transactional Analysis and Evolutionary Psychology.

This page links to relevant books, both from Psychology and from mainstream BDSM.

Please check book prices before ordering in case they have changed. You may find it quicker to check availability from both UK and US branches of Amazon, since some of these books have limited availability.

Consensual Slavery and D/s

Miss Abernathy's "Concise Slave Training Manual"
  This is a good example of what Internal Enslavement itself is NOT about! Abernathy concentrates exclusively on the external aspects of service with only incidental comments on the psychological states of "slaves" (servants in our terminology.)
More details and ordering info from (£8.99 £7.33) or ($11.95 $9.56)

"Slavecraft" by Guy Baldwin
  This is probably the book about consensual slavery that comes closest to Internal Enslavement, although Baldwin's main theme is the slave creating and maintaining the correct mindset.
More details and ordering info from (£15.95) or ($15.95)

Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology has emerged during the 1990's as an important source of new ways at looking at a variety of problems in social psychology. It remains extremely controversial, since it strikes at the heart of the 1960's Social Science dogma: Evolutionary Psychology argues for the existence of human nature, denying that humans are blank slates on which arbitrary behaviour patterns can be written by society. We believe many of the conclusions of Evolutionary Psychology are highly relevant to understanding gender-specific interactions of Masters and female slaves during Enslavement.

"Evolutionary Psychology" by David Buss
  A very accessible textbook which introduces Evolutionary Psychology and applies it to a wide range of human behaviours. This is intended both as a university textbook but also as an introduction to the subject for interested laypersons.
More details and ordering info from £32.99
More details and ordering info from $60.00

"The Adapted Mind" - edited by Barkow, Cosmides and Tooby
  A collection of academic essays on Evolutionary Psychology, including Daly and Wilson's "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Chattel" about the biological underpinnings of women's sexuality being seen as property to be acquired and owned by men.
More details and ordering info from £29.50
More details and ordering info from $35.00

"The Essential Differnce: The Truth about the Male and Female Brain" by Simon Baron-Cohen
  This study reveals the scientific evidence that female-type brains are better at empathizing, while male brains are stronger at building systems, whether concrete or abstract. It also theorizes that autism and Asperger's Syndrome are examples of the extreme male brain. (We reviewed this book in May 2004.)
More details and ordering info from £7.99 £6.39
More details and ordering info from $26.00 $17.68

Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis is used by IE as a theory of personality, and as way of understanding some negative behaviour patterns which may need to be removed during Enslavement. Transactional Analysis also provides some other useful concepts which have been adapted for IE, including the Stroke Economy - which gave rise to our description of the Dominance Economy.

"Games People Play" by Eric Berne
  The first popular account of Transactional Analysis (TA), written by its originator. This is a shorter and more technical introduction to TA than Steiner's "Scripts People Live."
More details and ordering info from £6.99 £5.59
More details and ordering info from $12.00 $9.60

"Scripts People Live" by Claude M. Steiner
  This is more accessible and detailed than Berne's "Games People Play."
More details and ordering info from £9.99 £8.87
More details and ordering info from

"TA Today" by Ian Stewart and Vann Jones
  This textbook provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to Transactional Analysis. Originally published in the 1980's, it is still one of the most up to date TA textbooks and widely set by UK universities.
More details and ordering info from £11.95
More details and ordering info from $21.95

Psychological Reactance

The Reactance model is a powerful way of understanding how humans cope with restrictions being placed on their freedom. The theory makes concrete predictions about the ways in which a slave will react as her freedoms are stripped away, and this allows her Master to better understand and manage her progressive enslavement. Acknowledging the existence of Reactance is one of the main distinguishing features of IE compared to some other schools of Master/slave relationship, which see anything other than unquestioning obedience as proof of unsuitability as a slave.

"Psychological Reactance" by Brehm and Brehm
  This is the key account of Reactance. (This is out of print but can sometimes be obtained second hand.)
More details and ordering info from

"Freedom and Reactance" by Wicklund
  Robert A. Wicklund is the "other" writer on Reactance, and in this book introduced the hydraulic model. (Again this is out of print but can sometimes be obtained second hand.)
More details from or

Other Psychology

"Attitudes and Persuasion" by Petty and Cacioppo
  This is a classic textbook which surveys the main theories of attitude and belief change.
More details and ordering info from (£16.90) or ($24.00)

"Battle for the Mind" by William Sargent
  Sargent's original 1950's description of conversion experiences, in religious, political and military contexts with comparisons to the claimed "brainwashing" of the Korean war. (This included here not so much for its applicability to Internal Enslavement, but because the processes it describes are clearly different but often misrepresented as useful in M/s.)
More details and ordering info from $18.00 $12.60

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